Sara Miller Sara Miller - Ariel

Sara graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor's degree in Theatre and Dance as an acting major. She has nearly twenty credits to her name, in both film and theatre. Sara has been working as a drama teacher at Just Imagine, a theatre program for elementary school kids.
Tiffany Richardson Tiffany Richardson - Nancy

Tiffany has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance and Production from Texas State University.
Layla Beth Munk Layla Beth Munk - Helen

Layla Beth has been performing since the age of six. She is an experienced dancer, model, stage actor and vocalist.
Steven King Steven King - Dylan

Steven King started acting in Connecticut in high school. He has since starred in numerous stage, TV and film projects and appeared an onset in various network and syndicated TV productions as well as the Mia Tyler vehicle, A Little Bit of Lipstick. His independent film credits include starring in an award-winning local comedy series in Connecticut, Tonight at 11:30, co-hosting a similarly well-known movie review show Now Showing and starring in the popular but outrageous YouTube piece, Zombie Dog. He has been in few Austin Community College student short films including Boom and Cthulhu's Witnesses.
Bret Munk Bret Munk - Ryan

Bret is a performance musician, talent scout, body guard, extreme sports athlete turned ACSM personal trainer and life coach.
Dustin Reeves Dustin Reeves - Lucas

Dustin started his stunt career at Medieval Times, after which he pursued acting full time. He has acted in Dallas for several years and recently moved to Austin to do the same.
Nguyen Stanton Nguyen Stanton - Detective Perkins

Nguyen is an Austin based actor who has played several roles that required fight choreography and martial arts on stage and in film.
David Robbins David Robbins - Detective Brown

David has acted in indie and SAG feature films. He has also worked as a fight director and stuntman. For more, please see David Robbin's profile at the Internet Movie Data Base
Monica Lee Perez Monica Lee Perez - Crime Scene Investigator and Announcer

Originally Monica began with studies in the medical field. After an injury in basic training for the Army, she shifted her focus and studies to the arts. After obtaining a bachelor's degree in Art and a second in theatre, she shifted a bit more and began acting.
Russell Kliebert Russell Kliebert - Crime Scene Investigator

Russell graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelors degree in English with a minor in theater. He has been in Austin for a little over a year in that time has been in a number of Austin Community College student short films including Study Troubles, Boom and Cthulhu's Witnesses.
Trip Gia David Marshall - Dōjō Student

David holds a 5th degree in Bujinkan Budō Taijustu. He has been in the Austin Community College student short film Introduction to Counter Xenomorph Operations .
Richard Deck Richard Deck - Dōjō Student

Richard holds a 1st degree in Bujinkan Budō Taijustu. He has been in a few Austin Community College student short films including Introduction to Counter Xenomorph Operations , Study Troubles and When Xenomorphs Attack Public Service Announcement.
Sev Medrano Sev Medrano - Dōjō Student

Sev has a black belt in Tae Kwon DO and studies Judo. He also runs a small videography business.
Seth Lee Seth Lee - Dōjō Student

Seth played soccer at an early age before deciding that he wanted to be an action star. To help Seth on his journey, he began to study under the tutelage of renowned acting coach Maurice Ripke. Seth entered martial arts training with Palacios ATA in Austin in December of 2009 and obtained the rank of 1st degree black belt in May of 2012. Since then, Seth has studied many different styles of Martial Arts including MMA with Vortex Martial Arts, Brazilian JuJitsu, Judo, Kali/Escrima, Hapkido, and Capoeira and has trained with some of the most respected martial artist on the planet and has earned a reputation for being skilled in Performance Forms/Extreme Martial Arts (XMA) as well as weapons and sparring abilities. Seth was also part of the award winning Reach Intermix Dance Crew which specialized in XiaolinGruv, a style of movement and dance created by Carmichael Simon which fuses hip hop and freestyle dance with martial arts, acro-kicking/tricking, and gymnastic movements. Seth studies Gymnastics as well as training in stunts. In Jan 2013, it was announced that Seth had earned a place on the Texas Parkour Youth Team as a sponsored athlete.
Jen Lee Jen Lee - Dōjō Student

Jen Lee is an Austin based actor.
Jennifer Fielding Jennifer Fielding - Parking Lot Woman

Jennifer Fielding has worked on both stage and screen in such productions as Rose for the Devil (Harley Quinn), Amnesia (Lobotomy Reject), Zombocalype the Musical (Jenny/Corpse) Cymbaline (Philrio) and Sherwood Forest Faire (Gabriel, a pirate).
Katrina Lucero Katrina Lucero - Parking Lot Woman

In addition to being a model and actor, Katrina Lucero is the editor for Fitness Inked Magazine
Woody Wilson Hall Woody Wilson Hall - Announcer

Wood Hall is an Austin based actor and voice over specialist who has worked as an actor, voice actor, stand-in, and extra in movies, television shows, commercials, and music videos shot in the central Texas area.
Ben Howell Ben Howell - Announcer

Ben Howell is an Austin based actor. He has been in few Austin Community College student short films including Absent Patriot and Cthulhu's Witnesses.
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